Choose the Right Rattan Garden Furniture Sets

When it comes to choosing rattan garden furniture, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. For instance, do you want a cushioned seat, or do you prefer a hard sturdy sofa which can withstand the weather? What type of rattan garden sofa would best suit your home, and what size do you want? Are you interested in an upright, recliner, or casters style garden furniture? And of course, what colour and design would you like for your rattan garden sofa? Click here –

Garden Sofa Buyer’s Guide

Rattan garden sofas have come on leaps and bounds over recent years, and whilst traditionalist type garden furniture such as a lawn chair still looks great, these days you can buy a rattan garden sofa which has all the mod cons. For example, you can get a chair which has an electric lift and fold up chairs, or even gliders – perfect if you’re going somewhere without your cushions. Some styles of rattan garden sofa come with built-in cup holders, and even cupboards under the seats, meaning you won’t need to store any extra garden tools when you’re not using the seating. There are also a number of styles which have storage space built into the arm rests, so you won’t have to dig through the drawers of your other garden furniture to find something to keep your gardening tools in.

The best way to choose a rattan garden furniture set is to consider the amount of time and effort you want to spend keeping your garden furniture clean. If you want to go all out, and get a real rattan sofa set, then you should opt for a synthetic rattan instead of the more traditional polyrattan. Polyrattan is actually a man-made material and is not organic by any means. Synthetic rattan is completely organic and natural looking, and is made by pressing synthetic resins into real polyrattan. Although synthetic rattan is more expensive, it will last longer and is much easier to maintain, and although it’s a bit more expensive, it will pay for itself over time.